Ethiopia: Consultant to Lead IBN Process Between the Turkana And Dassenach Communities (SEEK Project)

Organization: Pact
Country: Ethiopia
Closing date: 25 Nov 2019

Terms of Reference for A Consultant to Lead IBN Process Between the Turkana And Dassenach Communities

SEEK Project

Project Background

Violent conflicts in the border areas between Kenya and Ethiopia are shaped by the realities that define subsistence rural livelihoods. For example, climate change has led to rising temperatures and higher frequency and intensity of droughts that have changed the vegetation in the rangelands, forcing pastoralists to move further to find food and water for cattle. In addition, conflicts over land rights and access occur between private investors, local government, and different ethnic groups. In all cases, violent conflict erodes the positive social capital that holds communities together and pushes vulnerable and already marginalized people to migrate to locations that allow them to secure livelihoods and alternative options for a stable, prosperous life.

Funded by the European Union Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF), the SELAM EKSIL (SEEK) project adopts a conflict systems-based approach to address the multiple drivers of conflict in cross border areas and to promote peacebuilding, conflict management, and conflict resolution capacity at the community and cross border levels. It is part of the EU’s programme for collaboration in the Cross-Border areas of the Horn of Africa, providing over 60 million euros of investment to prevent and mitigate the impact of local conflict and to promote economic development and greater resilience in four different cross border regions.

Ultimately, the prevalence and severity of conflicts are shaped by the effectiveness of informal and formal institutions structures and forces that manage differences between groups. The three-year project will address drivers of conflict, insecurity, and instability, while strengthening the systems and institutions that peacefully manage and resolve conflict on the border of Southwest Ethiopia and Northwest Kenya.


The objective of this consultancy agreement is to engage a competent community negotiations facilitator under SEEK project to lead negotiations between the Turkana and Dassenach communities on sharing of resources around Lake Turkana.

Expected Outcomes

i. A framework to guide the sharing of resources between the two cross-border communities is negotiated, drafted and endorsed by the communities and local administrations

ii. An action plan committee is nominated to lead implementation of the framework or to lead further negotiations to reach an agreement

Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to lead negotiations between the two communities and their administrations on the access and sharing of resources around Lake Turkana.

Below are some of the activities that SEEK through the consultant is expected to carry out under this TOR:

i. Preparatory work: the consultant is expected to research through secondary data on the status of resource sharing between the two communities in order to have a clear understanding of the needs and interests of the two communities and the sustainability gaps.

ii. Lead negotiations: the consultant will convene a 3-day meeting of 40 participants who shall represent their communities and their local administrations in the negotiations. Each community will be represented by 20 participants; 10 from the community and 10 from the local administration and relevant government bodies such as the fisheries and livestock departments.

iii. Develop framework on resource sharing: after the 3 days, the consultant will document the framework on resource sharing that has been agreed by both sides.

iv. Provide one- two-page guideline document to be shared with resilience and livelihood programs working on Natural Resource Management interventions.


  1. Activity report shared with Pact 5 days after completion of the sessions

  2. A framework for resource sharing/agreement negotiated by both sides, which can either be a final endorsed document, or a draft that requires further negotiations before endorsement

  3. An action plan report on implementation of the framework resolutions

  4. A list of names that have been nominated to further negotiate the framework or to implement the action plans developed

  5. Recommendations on strengthening the resource sharing framework

Duration and schedule

o Expected date of this engagement: November – December 2019. The consultant will be hired for a total of 7 days; 2 days preparatory work, 3 days facilitation of negotiations, and 2 days for reporting

o Location of assignment: The venue will be tentatively Jinka, Ethiopia or Omorate, Ethiopia

How to apply:

The candidates for this assignment are expected to submit their profiles detailing past performance in similar assignments, references from previous employers, summary CV and a budget. The consultant should only quote for the daily consultant rate to be charged for each of the 7 days of the assignment as SEEK project shall cater for all other costs – local flights, airport transfers, accommodation and travel per diems, based on Pact Kenya rates. The applications should be sent to [email protected] on or before 25 November 2019.

(Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)

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