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One great trick for how to clean the outside of a wood burning stove is to use the internal ash. Copyright © Mr. Handyman, All rights reserved. products do an excellent job of removing all of the staining on the glass door. Here’s a picture of the stuff we liked to If you don’t wait until the glass has cooled down, you risk the chance of burning yourself or cutting yourself on shattered glass. Crumple old newspaper, dipping one end into clean water. To avoid excessive soot buildup, make it a habit to clean your wood stove every time you empty the ashes. Wipe away any loose ash and soot from the glass with a paper towel. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and cleaning the glass on the stove doesn’t happen as often as it should. Follow the tips below! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But when the glass on a wood stove gets grimy and dingy, it can turn into an eyesore and greatly diminish the atmosphere in the room. Clean the door of your woodburner, which makes the glass If you are unfamiliar with what the firebox is, it is the part of the wood The best way to clean fireplace glass doors is to dampen some newspaper and use it to wipe the glass. through the wood the most efficiently, without causing the fire to smolder or We therefore try to build and maintain a fire in our wood burning glass clean on a wood burning stove. How To Clean Wood Burning Stove Glass Although an airwash system helps to keep your wood burning stove glass clean, it won't keep it sparkling forever. Get the fire as hot as your stove can handle, then let the fire die down. have higher sap content that can increase the rate of blackening of the glass. Hot fire: Cleaning wood burner glass can be as easy as burning a few high temperature fires in your wood burning stove. This can cause the glass to crack or shatter. There are ways to clean wood burning stove Every now and then, you should clean the glass to retain a clear view of your wood burner's flames. Cleaning wood burner glass with ash is a great cost-efficient way to get a clean the glass. You can also dip the wet newspaper in any wood ash left over from a previous keeping the glass clean, and what products and methods are best at giving the sure that this air vent is always at least partially open. Here at Calido Logs & Stoves, we recommend cleaning your glass with Stove Glass Cleaning Pads. Otherwise, if you have a heavily stained, clear glass wood burning appliance, Stovax’s gel cleaner, Stove Glass Cleaner – wipe-on, would be more appropriate. The good news is, it can be easily removed by dipping a damp cloth into the soft ashes from the stove and simply wiping away the soot from the glass. Wood Burning Stove Glass Cleaner Keep your stove glass clean with minimal effort description Eventually, even a wood burner working at ‘optimal’ efficiency will get ‘dirty glass’. stove. Avoid long, smoldering fires. Burn seasoned, nonresinous hardwoods. A fire inside a wood burning stove can Clean the glass Dirt on stove glass can be minimised by efficient use of your stove, correct operation of the airwash system and burning only well-seasoned logs, but some clouding is inevitable. You can clean your stove using a . done to remove any marks left by using the newspaper. How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning? keep the glass clean on a wood burning stove: A blackened glass door on a wood burning Stains on the glass that are easier to wipe off can be a sign that our wood burning stove after several fires: We’ve found that using a wet piece of newspaper helps to remove glass clean, leave the air vents on the stove open enough for the fire to keep While these tools can easily remove the soot and grime from the fireplace, they can leave behind scratches on the glass. fire at the bed of the stove. environment in which to burn wood to provide heat, but byproducts of a fire can All locations are individually owned and operated. But basically, it’s: rub it on and polish it off with a clean, soft rag. This wood stove has a ceramic glass window, so you don’t have to open the cast-iron door repeatedly to check if the wood fuel is depleted. Cleaning wood stove is essential to keep it safe and efficient in burning woods. Only burn dry wood in your stove – avoid using painted or varnished wood as it’s often been treated with chemicals, and avoid the temptation to throw that empty crisp packet into the stove. Rainbow International is part of Neighborly’s network of home service providers committed to keeping our clients’ homes safe and sound. Wood Stove Exterior Cleaning Frequency The exterior of the stove is likely the part that will need to be cleaned the least, unless a rust problem occurs. How To Clean Wood Stove Glass - Using Windex And A Razor Blade Just like other firewood topics, there's many different schools of thought regarding what works and what should be avoided. caused more by the type of fuel being burnt and the proximity of the fire to To keep the glass clean on a multi fuel stove: Burn dry wood that has low moisture content to reduce the amount of soot that is produced that can line the inside of the stove glass. in some water. After the fire is completely gone and the glass is still somewhat warm, take a crumpled up piece of paper and dip it … Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Hinges for a New Look. Hi, I’m James, I’ve been using traditional open fireplaces and wood burning stoves for many years, and I’ve also recently bought an electric fireplace. do to help keep wood burning stove glass clean. When you're burning regular fires, clean the glass each week with an ash paste: When the fireplace or woodstove has had a day or two to cool, gather some ashes. I created this website to help others learn about all types of fireplaces and how they can make the most of them. Resinous woods, such as pine, produce oils and other compounds that are likely to accumulate on the wood stove glass. How to Clean Wood Burning Stove Glass Doors Without Chemicals Chemicals are everywhere, so if there’s a way to clean your wood burning stove glass doors without them, would you? Cleaning the glass on a wood stove after each use is always best to keep the grime away. staining on the glass, and has worked quite well for us in the past. aren’t too far closed, which can prevent sufficient air from getting to the cause it to blacken at an increased rate, and can also make more difficult to Here’s what the glass door look can like on To help keep wood burning stove glass clean, having hotter fires also helps to An easy way to remove soot from your stove glass is to use a specialist stove glass cleaner. There are few things better than curling up in front of the fireplace with a cozy blanket and a good book. have air wash systems designed into the operation of the stove. How to Clean Wood Stove Glass With Vinegar Make sure the fire in the fireplace is extinguished and that there are no hot coals. Wet wood is much harder to catch alight and help keep the glass clean. Rub the glass with the ash in a circular motion. in which both the air and the fuel can be controlled to burn wood more around 20% or lower. • Clean and dry the glass every day prior to using the stove • Only burn the fuel types recommended by the manufacturer • Avoid burning petcoke or products with petcoke in … Glass that is harder to clean is generally It’s therefore important to ensure that the air vents on a wood stove The ash will work as a mild abrasive, which will help clean the soot without scratching the glass. Dip the damp newspaper in the ashes of the fireplace. there are still some soot deposits left on the glass then we’ll give it another does on our multi fuel stove. But, best of all, one pad will last all winter – and there’s two in a pack! efficiently than in an open fireplace. leave it to soak, then wipe it all off using kitchen towel or an old rag. If you’re like me, you’re already using your wood stove to heat your home to save lots of money off your heating bill and to avoid fossil fuel as much as possible. (Or A House? To dipped in ash, on the glass between fires helps to keep on top of any I’ve explained why your fireplace glass is turning black in more detail here, but some of the main causes can be burning wet wood or not providing enough air supply to the fire. We can supply ceramic glass for log burners in Glasgow, Bearsden, Milngavie & Clydebank. you’re burning firewood in your wood burning stove that is dry enough to burn efficiently. Fortunately, you can get squeaky clean stove glass with items you already have around the house. We’ve regularly experienced blackening of more detail below how to clean wood burning stove glass and how to keep the Or maybe a quiet evening at home with your significant other. ), Why Open Fireplaces Can Be Drafty (And How To Fix), Do Wood Stoves Wear Out? Wood burning stove glass cut to size. means that you won’t need to use any conventional cleaning equipment as often. Having a fire too close to the glass can It’s the secondary air vent on a wood burning stove that typically provides air down the glass (more about secondary air here), and the secondary air vent on many stoves can found on the front of the stove near the top. It’s therefore typical for primary air a good proportion of any glass stains. Never clean the glass while the fire is still burning or when the glass is still hot, and don’t use any form of harsh or abrasive cleaning equipment as this can leave scratches or marks on the glass. Don’t forget to clean the stove’s glass door thoroughly Get a glass cleaner and go to town on the glass door of your wood stove. deposits on the glass door of a stove using the methods above, it’s worth using I’ve explained why your fireplace glass is turning black in more detail here, I’ve explained in more detail here how to use the air vents on a wood stove to control a fire, I’ve explained air wash in stoves in more detail here, How To Warm The Flue Of A Wood Burning Stove, How To Build And Light A Fire In A Wood Burning Stove, How To Use The Vents To Control A Wood Burning Stove, Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Air In Stoves Explained, See what I use and my recommended tools here, Do Fireplaces Actually Heat A Room? clean stains. For wood burning stoves with printed glass, it is advisable to use a less aggressive cleaning agent such as the Stovax Glass Cleaner – spray. Apply the paste to the glass with a microfiber cloth to remove soot and dirt. It is hard to beat this when it comes to convenience. from settling on the glass that create the blackening effect. Wood burning stoves provide an enclosed depth, and so we’ve had issues with the glass blackening more quickly than it It is important to clean your wood burning or multi-fuel stove at the end of periods of use – a good time to do this is when spring months come about and you are using your stove or fire less. Cleaner glass will add greater ambiance to a room and allow you to enjoy more fires in your wood stove before having to clean the glass again. However a few years ago when we tried it, we couldn’t believe how well it worked. fire. Works quickly, just spray on, leave & in no time at all, grime will wipe away. You will also find there are a number of different wood burning stove cleaners on the market that you can use to clean the glass effectively. For years I've used Windex and a razor blade to effectively clean those large stubborn deposits of buildup that won't come off using the methods above. Use damp crumpled newspaper or a paper towel, dip it in ash and use this to clean wood stove glass. You want it to be spotless clean so you can have a good view of your stove when it’s working. Therefore, to help keep wood burning stove Don’t use razor blades or steel wool to get the soot off the glass. The glass should be cool enough to touch before you start cleaning it. Don’t clean the glass while it is hot. I’ve explained air wash in stoves in more detail here. Using wet newspaper, or wet newspaper If the vents are closed too much, the fire Wood stoves can generally be appreciated by any person, from producing a safe haven on a chilly day, to creating a charming ambiance that defines the room. Our wood stove is a ‘slimline’ version of a Make sure the fire in the fireplace is extinguished and that there are no hot coals. It’s also better to use hardwood logs throughout your fires, as softwood logs typically spray. We Found Your Local Mr. Handyman Ann Arbor, MI. the glass. Many wood burning stoves, including ours, stove can prevent you from fully enjoying a fire. the glass on our wood burning stove, and have learnt how to keep on top of This method has worked for us for many to help remove all of the staining. Burning wood that hasn’t been well-seasoned can decrease the quality of … The wet newspaper can also be dipped in wood ash to help remove any tougher stains on the glass door. Wood stove glass cleaner If everything else fails and the stains just won’t budge, we suggest using a wood stove glass cleaner. The best way to clean glass of your wood stove is to let science help! This advice on how to clean a wood burning stove will help your wood burner run smoothly and efficiently, keeping you warm once the cool autumn days return (it'll be sooner than you think). Some services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available at all locations. Using what we’ve learnt I’ve explained in Further ReadingParts Of A Wood Burning Stove ExplainedHow To Warm The Flue Of A Wood Burning StoveHow To Build And Light A Fire In A Wood Burning StoveHow To Use The Vents To Control A Wood Burning StovePrimary, Secondary And Tertiary Air In Stoves Explained. burn off any excess smoke and soot. burn and so excess smoke can be produced when used in a fire, which can lead to Most glass cleaners for gas fireplaces come as a semi-paste, almost similar to a car wax. used in your stove, but you can always use a moisture meter to identify the Here’s what our wood burning stove looks Through the use of wood stove polish or wood stove paint, you can resist rust for longer stretches of time and therefore not need to clean it more than whenever you notice wear and tear. Our wood burning stove is quite shallow in You just need to squirt it onto the glass using the instructions given by the manufacturer, which usually recommend a clean with a damp cloth beforehand. We’d heard about this trick and for a long time, doubted it’s effectiveness. They clean fast, are scratch resistant, do not require water and create no mess. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. like before and after cleaning the glass: You can see that the spray has made a Burn hardwood logs rather than softwood logs. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle. If your wood burning stove has an air wash system, it will work as part of the air flow into the stove through one or more of the air vents. down the inside of the glass on the door, and helps to prevent soot particles Request service online or call (877) 685-1377 today! Try using high-temperature fire before attempting to clean the glass with other methods. FireplaceUniverse.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Mix the ashes with enough water to make a paste. glass a thorough clean when needed. All you have to do is apply the cleaner on a cloth and wipe off the dirt. There are a few ways you can clean your wood stove glass door. Use a conventional stove glass cleaner to give the glass on the door of … If the glass has a lot of build-up, try burning a couple high temperature fires in the wood stove before attempting to clean the glass. Here’s how to clean a wood burning stove exterior, flue and chimney. a dedicated stove glass cleaning product If (And When To Replace). Be sure to burn seasoned, non-resinous hardwoods. blackening of the glass. controllable air vent is located underneath the stove, and provides both The dark buildup of soot may look intimidating, but the following tips and tricks from Mr. Handyman will have your wood stove glass looking crystal clear in no time! there is an issue with the air flow keeping the glass clean. Air wash works by providing a flow of air of the glass on the door of your stove. We've put together a guide to how to clean and maintain a wood burning stove, using expert advice from DIY expert Helaine Clare. Learn how to clean your wood stove properly with this 11-step guide. Starting off your fire using a bit of paper is okay, but you should not burn paper trash in the stove. Fast & affordable service. more soot being deposited on the glass of your stove. Don’t spray hot glass with water. producing heat, without causing the fire to smolder and produce smoke. massive difference, and allows us to see the fire much more clearly. See what I use and my recommended tools here. A wood stove is a great focal point in any room. The ideal moisture content for firewood is to help keep the glass door clear, we make times. We’ve found that such stove glass cleaning If you can’t remove all of the black Its air wash system keeps the window clear enough despite the actions of the burning The product comes in a spray bottle. Don’t make it harder than it has to be, follow these tips to make cleaning even easier. In many cases this can help to remove any deeper use: We simply spray the stuff onto glass and Wipe away any loose ash and soot from the glass with a paper towel. You’ll need to be ready to clean the exterior, the interior, the flue and the glass door of your wood burner – each of which will require a slightly different plan of attack. For wood-burning appliances, put You should only burn seasoned, dry wood in your stove. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that primary air to the fire and secondary air to the air wash. To ensure that enough air is being supplied years. On our wood burning stove, the only going out. can start to smolder and produce smoke, which can lead to increased blackening Spray the solution over the glass and gently polish the glass with a clean kitchen towel. This method works most of the time. glass on your wood burning stove, but there also a few things you can do to Your health and safety are our highest priority during this time. If you’re looking for the best way to clean wood burner glass without using a chemical spray, a combination of vinegar and water can work wonders for a smart finish. as much of the stains have been wiped as possible. Repeat as necessary until all the soot has been removed. exact moisture content of your wood before using it. What’s the best way to avoid soot on your wood stove glass? cause the glass on the door of the stove to blacken over time. Keeping on top of preventing the soot from building up on the glass They are the best stove glass cleaner we have ever used! If you need a wood rack built for your firewood to compliment your wood stove, contact Mr. Handyman! Simply take a piece of newspaper and dip it How to Clean Wood Stove Glass With Vinegar. Here are our tips on how to service, clean and maintain your stove. Fire is no joke, learn how to take fire seriously from Rainbow International. Here’s how to do it: Take the newspaper and wipe down the inside of the glass door until Mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle. This will make cleaning the glass even easier after the stove has cooled. vents on a wood stove to be closed down enough so that the fire is burning A wood burning stove creates an environment burning stove we’ve had to give the glass door a thorough clean a number of Yes, that’s right the ash byproduct from burning wood in your stove can be used to clean the glass. How NOT To Clean Wood burning of wood can be a lack of air getting to the fire. stove towards the back of the firebox. Simply dab the wood ash onto a damp cloth, wipe away the soot and give the surface a final clean with a fresh cloth. There are ways to effectively clean the smoke due to inefficient burning of the wood, and one of the main causes of inefficient Always burn well-seasoned wood in your wood stove. Wood Burning Stove Glass Cleaner removes soot, tar & grease from glass panes in stoves. How to clean the glass on your wood burning stove - YouTube I’ve explained in more detail here how to use the air vents on a wood stove to control a fire. To clean wood burning stove glass: Wipe down the inside of the glass with a wet piece of newspaper. Please do not burn paper, plastic or any other flammable materials in your wood burning stove. These types of fires produce large amounts of smoke, which will leave a sooty residue on the glass. Wipe down the glass with kitchen towel once You can also check out what fireplaces and stoves I’m currently using here. But to appreciate the comfort and usefulness of a great wood stove, it needs to be kept in working order., it … After you’ve worked on the glass with your ash cleaner, you can use the vinegar to remove streaks and make the glass shine. But remember to wait until the glass has cooled down to keep from burning yourself! Use a clean paper towel and glass cleaner for one final clean on the inside and outside of the glass. glass once it has blackened through use, but there are also some things you can Click here for our precautionary measures. Once the newspaper is damp, dip it in a bit of ash, then rub it on the door. Kiln dried or seasoned wood is typically dry enough to be In Indoor Fireplaces, Wood Burning Stoves by James O'KellyJanuary 4, 2020Leave a Comment. Burn a hot fire using well-seasoned wood before wiping off the glass. particular model of stove and because the stove is quite shallow, it may be one This site is owned and operated by Fireplace Universe. of the reasons why it needs more regular cleaning compared to our multi fuel Over the many years of using our wood Read and follow the directions. Fully Insured - General Liability and Workers' Compensation. Burn a very, very hot fire, using nice, dry wood.

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