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Trade discount allowed by Y Ltd. is 5% and IGST is levied 5%. He believes in Understanding and learning not memorizing. A cash discount is allowed on the net amount i.e., the amount we get after the deduction of trade discount. X purchases goods from Y worth Rs.5,000. document.write('This conversation is already closed by Expert'); Copyright © 2021 Applect Learning Systems Pvt. A passionate blogger and the founder of LOGICAL GUY is on a mission to add value in people's life by providing quality content and by providing information about the doubts and queries of his audience in a simplified and logical manner. Types of Financial Markets | Stock Exchange | Functions and Trading in stock Exchange | The Ultimate and Easy Guide 2020 |, Journal Entry questions with logic| Easy and Simple | The Ultimate Guide 2020 |, (Being goods purchased for cash and trade discount received), (Being goods sold for cash, trade discount allowed), (Being goods purchased for cash and discount received), (Being goods purchased, discount received and 50% payment made). And as a contra entry against this, we have to reduce our purchases account (it is purchases for the periodic system of inventory ) or inventory account (for the perpetual system ). Trade discount allowed was 5% and 3% cash discount was allowed. Journal entry for purchase returns […] 16,000. Payment is made through cheque. 200 as free samples and goods taken away by the proprietor for personal use Rs. If your answer is yes, then stay tuned as I am going to do it for you. Electricity Charges Paid at the end of April 1 … Here, a 10% Profit is mentioned because the word costing is mentioned. Tax levied(IGST) is 5%. Pass necessary Journal entries. (Being goods purchased, discount received and payment made through cheque). This may happen due to several different reasons, in business terminology, this action is termed as purchase returns or return outwards. 2000 by cash. The horse was insured and the insurance company admitted a claim of Rs 15, 000. Cr Purchases/Cost of Goods Sold 20,000 In the journal entry above, an expense has to be recorded to show the loss. In this transaction goods are received and Raj is the giver of goods on credit. Jan 15 Sold goods for cash 8,000 Jan 20 Sold goods to Ram, Delhi 5,000 Jan 25 Cash sales 3,500 Jan 27 Paid to Mohan on account 3,000 Jan 28 Ram returns goods costing 500 … Till now, we have learned what trade and cash discounts are, their purpose of allowance, and their benefits. The reason behind this is that the Cash discount allowed is a loss for the seller’s business and losses and expenses are debited as per the golden rule for nominal accounts. The tax imposed is 5%. (Being goods sold and trade discount allowed). Allowing cash discounts promotes the inflow of cash in the business through early payments. ABC LTD. sells goods to XYZ Ltd. for Rs.10,000 for cash. The rate of trade discounts varies from customer to customer depends upon their relations with the business. A: For the journal entry for buying goods you will be able to work out the answer if you go through this tutorial on the journal entry for buying an asset. The trade discount provided by the seller is 5%. (ix) Sold goods to Yamini of list price of 25,000 for 23,000. plus In case of further doubts, you can always get back to us. Though, there can be multiple scenarios but to clear the fundamentals, I have introduced only the common cases. Purchased goods from KJ Mehta for cash: 5,000 Rupees. In the books of the seller in every question, we can see that the cash discount is debited. Journal entry - received cheque from Ram by: Vengadathri Cash a/c Dr xxx To Ram a/c xxx (Cheque received from ram but not deposited into the bank account) CHEQUE ENTRY by: ARUN KAUSIK LET ME TEACH YOU IN SIMPLE Photo Courtesy:- https://www.pexels.com/  and https://pixabay.com/. 1. Pass necessary journal entries. 1Enter the following transactions in the voucher entry of Idhayam of Kumbakonam1.1.2010 Commenced business with cash rs.180000 (F6.Receipt)3 Depostied into Indian bank rs.55000 (F4.Contra)4 Purchases goods for cash rs.22000 (F9.Purchase)5 Bought goods of Siva rs.72000 (F9.Purchase)8 Cash sales rs.16200 (F8.Sales)11 Cash deposited into Bank … Let’s talk about the Cash discount, the nature of the Cash discount. 2 Purchase To Cash A/c By Purchase A/c - 2000 2000 - Being Purchased goods of Rs. Sold goods to Din Muhammad Rs. Distributed goods worth Rs. Amit ltd. sold goods to Soni enterprises for Rs.1,00,000 for cash. Tally 9-voucher-entry-questions 1. 60% amount paid by cheque immediately Goods sold by ZY ltd. to YA ltd. for Rs.1,50,000. 40,000 and Furniture Rs. Accounting and Journal entry for credit sales include 2 accounts, debtor and sales. Apple Inc is a dealer of laptop & Computers and he is selling goods to John electronics on 01.01.2018 of $ 50000 on credit and his credit period is 15 days which means John Electronics has to make the payment on or before 30.01.2018. 1. Your email address will not be published. (Being goods purchased, discount received and half of the payment made), (Being goods sold, discount allowed and 50% payment received). Pass Journal entries in the books of Raghunath from the following transactions:- 1994 June 1 Raghunath started business with cash Rs. WHAT IS AN ASSET? A Ltd. purchased goods from B ltd. for Rs.30,000 on credit. Trade discount is imposed on the list price i.e. Journal Entry for Purchase Returns or Return Outwards Sometimes goods purchased by a business are found unfit for use and may need to be returned to the respective supplier(s). 30,000 & Cash received Rs. Cash discount allowed 5% and tax levied(IGST) is 10%. Do give your valuable feedback as it is very helpful for us in making improvements. 8. Half of the payment was made immediately. On the other hand, the Cash discount is credited in the books of purchasers because it a profit(gain) for the purchaser’s business. Received discount Rs 20 and 17. Will add more cases in the future and as per your demand. 2. 60,000 at 10% trade discount and 5% cash discount. Cash received Journal Entry Cash received Journal Entry is passed, when a business or person, receives cash from the following : – Debtor Sale of Asset or Goods for Cash Unit Number 319, Vipul Trade Centre, Sohna Pass necessary Journal Entries. Here, I would like to give share the logic behind various journal entries that have been passed in the books of seller and purchaser. Jan. 25 Sold goods to Garima for ₹ 1,00,000, allowed her 20% trade discount and 5% cash discount if the payment is made within 15 days. Sold goods to Manmohan 80,000 8 Manmohan returned goods 1,000 15 Received from Manmohan in full settlement of his account 78,200 16 Received cash from Ram 19,500 and discount allowed 500 20 Paid cash to From now, we will learn how things work practically by passing journal entries most simply and logically. Trade discount is not recorded in the books of accounts as discussed earlier. 20,000 at 10% Trade discount and 5% cash discount. A cash discount is a discount allowed by the seller to the purchaser(the creditor) to get paid as soon as possible. Goods purchased from Ganesh Traders of Rs. It promotes sales and helps in maintaining regular business with clients. | Features of Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly | An Exclusive Guide For Beginners [2020] |, Journal Entry Questions With Ledger | An Exclusive Guide 2020 |, Balance of Payments | Components Of Balance of Payments | An Exclusive and simple Guide 2020 |, Journal Entry questions for Trade discount and Cash Discount | An Exclusive Guide 2020 | 8 Different Cases |, What is Financial Market? 25,000. Thereafter, all the discounts and taxes will be levied and deducted on the amount after adding a profit margin. But before that, I would like to inform you that we have created a detailed guide on various Journal entries that will help in clearing your doubts regarding various concepts of the journal. What are Main Market Forms? Below are the Journal entries in the books of Apple Inc: At the time of sale of laptop & Computer: At the time of Receipt of Payment: 3 Sales By Cash A/c To sales A/c 500 - - … Once the inventory is issued to the production department, the cost of goods sold is debited while the inventory account credited. Trade discount is a type of discount offered by the sellers to the purchaser for purchasing goods in large quantities. On the other hand, it is calculated on the total amount i.e. A trade discount is available for both cash and credit sales. 5. 12. We’ll be able to understand them more logically in their practical implementation. GST is 8%(total of CGST(4%)+SGST(4%)). (Rupees = Indian currency) A: Goods or stock or inventory (all these words mean the same thing) are classified as assets in accounting. the catalog price of the product. Voucher Type Particulars Debit Amount Credit Amount Narration 1 Journal By Cash A/c To Capital A/c 10000 - - 10000 Being started Business by Proprietor with cash Rs. Ltd. All rights reserved. The tax levied on the transaction is 10%(IGST). 75% payment is received by cheque on Jan. 23rd. Sold goods worth 15,000 to Tarun 19 th April : Sold goods for cash 20,000 20 th April : Sold goods to Utsav for cash 6,000 21 st April : Sold goods to Pranav on credit 17,000 22 nd April : Returned goods to Veeru 3,000 23 rd DK Goel Solutions for Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 9 Books of Original Entry - Journal, covers all the questions provided in DK Goel Books for 11th Class Accountancy Subject. 04. At BYJU'S, it is available for free download here. The tax levied on the transaction is 10%(IGST). Journal Entry for Purchasing Goods Q: What is the journal entry for the following? 30,000 on Credit. A sales journal entry records a cash or credit sale to a customer. Cash discount allowed by Amit ltd. is 7%. on the amount after deducting trade discount. Answer: Explanation: In the books of journal Entryparticulars Trade discount allowed by the seller is 10% and the cash discount is 5%. Hence, the journal entry is as follows: Transaction 4: ADVERTISEMENTS: 5-1-2002 sold goods for cash Rs. CGST and SGST is levied @ 6% each. Examples – Journal Entry for Discount Allowed Cash received for goods sold to Unreal Co. worth 50,000 along with a 10% discount. Goods Sold to Him star Enterprises Pvt. Let’s move further and pass various journal entries in 8 different cases. 10000. If you want to learn more about them, then click here. (Being goods sold and half of the payment received). The trade discount allowed is 10%. The trade discount allowed by Y is 10%. Thereafter, the cash discount is deducted from the total amount. 3. Assume payment is received at the time of sale. That means profit margin is not included therefore it is to be calculated separately and to be added. MA enterprises purchased goods worth Rs.50,000 from SK enterprises. 10. 3) A horse which was purchased 2 months earlier for 25, 000 died . Tax imposed(IGST) 10%. (Being goods sold for cash and discount allowed). 2) Paid rent Rs 10, 000 of which 2, 000 is for next year and 1, 000 is for previous year . Trade discount allowed was 5% and 3% cash discount was allowed. 2 Sr. No. The process Read more…, 72 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO WHAT ARE ASSETS AND LIABILITIES? 4. Your email address will not be published. After this journal entry, the balance of the purchase account will become zero, and the balance of the cost of goods sold which is on the debit side will be presented in the income statement to deduct the sales revenue in In the blog post, I have covered 8 major cases that can take place when it comes to trade discounts and cash discounts. 8. 2016 Mar 5 Sold goods to Shruti for Rs. It reduces the cost of the purchaser and increases their profit margin. You can also download the PDF version of this file by clicking here. A 50% payment has been made. Do you want to know how to pass those entries and how to understand them with very simple logic? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Solution for Problem No. Pass necessary Journal Entries. 800 and cash sales of Rs. (vii) Sold goods to Aman of list price of 30,000 at 10% trade discount against cash. In the Journal Entries - Buying and Selling Goods by: Anonymous What is the journal entry of 1) sold goods to Krishna Bought goods from Rajesh ? It does more than record the total money a business receives from the transaction. 2) Paid rent Rs 10, 000 of which 2, 000 is for next year and 1, 000 is for previous year. 3. Journal entry for cost of goods sold: Once the inventory valuation is completed by any of the above methods, it should be recorded by a proper journal entry. 4. Prepare a journal entry. Pass the following journal entries 1) Sold goods to Ram costing rs 25000 at an invoice price to give 20% on profit on sales, less 10% trade discount,Ram paid 40% of the amount immediately on which he was allowed further discount of 5%. list price-trade discount=Net amount+Taxes= Total Amount*cash discount. Raj sold goods costing Rs.50,000 at a profit of 10% to Mohit for cash. in accounting. The solution to your query is provided below: (Horse died and insurance company admitted a claim of Rs 15,000). An asset is something(tangible or intangible) owned by an enterprise/business which will provide economic benefit to such Read more…. 88 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO                                JOURNAL   Journal is the book of original entry where transactions are Read more…, 92 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO WHAT IS JOURNAL? It is only allowed on the payment, not for the sale of goods/services. Sales journal entries should also reflect changes to accounts such as Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory, and Sales Tax Payable accounts. 7. The cash discount allowed is 5%. 2. For example, the trade discount is 10% on the product of Rs.15,000, the amount of trade discount would be 1500 and will be deducted from the list price and the product will be sold for Rs.13,500. It means that the actual cost of goods is mentioned. In case of credit sales, the respective 80,000, Goods Rs. 1) Sold goods to Ram costing rs 25000 at an invoice price to give 20% on profit on sales, less 10% trade discount ,Ram paid 40% of the amount immediately on which he was allowed further discount of 5%. Pass Journal entry for sale of goods by Rahul, Delhi to Anish, Delhi for 10,000 less 10% Trade Discount and 2% Cash Discount. Sales Return Journal Entry Definition Sales Return in terms of payroll journal entry can be defined as that the one which shall be used to account for the customer returns in the books of account or to account for when there is a return of goods sold by the customer due to defect goods sold, or misfit in requirement of the customer, etc. Bought goods for Cash 10,000 3 Paid Carriage 200 4 Sold goods for Cash 6,000 10 Received from Ram 1,000 12 Paid to Shiv Kumar 2,600 15 Cash Sales 8,400 18 Purchased furniture for cash for office 5,000 20 Paid for 500 20 It helps in easily changing the price without reprinting articles or making any changes. How to Create a Cost of Goods Sold Journal Entry The cost goods sold is the cost assigned to those goods or services that correspond to sales made to customers.In the case of merchandise, this usually means goods that were physically shipped to customers, but it can also mean goods that are still on the company's premises under bill and hold arrangements with customers. 100. Solution for voucher entry problem 1. show the journal entry. Taxes like GST are imposed on the net amount i.e. 200. Tax rate(IGST) is 8%. (Being goods sold for cash and trade discount allowed), (Being goods Purchased, payment made in cash and discount received). In a dynamic environment, credit sales are promoted to keep up with the cutting edge competition. 1.X ltd. purchased goods from Y ltd. for Rs.15,000 for cash. (Discount allowed in the regular course of business) Sold goods to Sherpa at the list price of 50,000 less 20% trade discount and 4% cash discount if the payment is made within 7 days. Journal entry for cash discount is passed in the books of accounts. Journal is the book of original entry where transactions are recorded for the first time in the chronological ( date wise) order. Question: sold goods worth Rs. Pass necessary Journal Entry. A cash discount is also like a trade discount but is allowed for a different purpose. 6. Ltd. Of Rs. Pass necessary Journal Entry. (viii) Sold goods to Pawan of list price of 20,000 at 10% trade discount. The trade discount allowed by SK is 10%. Raj sold goods costing Rs.50,000 at a profit of 10% to Mohit for cash. Required fields are marked *. Question 9. 1. 20,000 June 2 Sold goods to Nandlal of the 80,000 at 15% trade discount and 4% cash discount.Received 75% amount immediately through a cheque Mar 10 Purchased goods from Richa for Rs. Journal Entry for Trade discount is not recorded in the books of accounts.

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