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Telugu Name: Tella Maddi Mantra: Surasevitaya Namaha Botanical Name: Morinda Tinctoria/Terminelia Arjuna Medicinal Use: Used for Joint pains, Vata/Pitta/Kapha related, heart diseases, wounds and septic conditions. Therefore natural products are safe to use for a long time without any fear. … Aswatha Patram is called Raavi Aaku, it's bark is used in many medicines and also used for arresting bleeding. Calm Artwork Work Of Art Auguste Rodin Artwork. Soak 20 gm red gurivinda seeds in half litre water and boil till 1/8 litre kashaayam remains. Tella Maddi in Telugu and Marudha Maram in Tamil. 1/2 spoon honey 1/2 spoon cow’s ghee Herbal Remedies for Acidity by Planet Ayurveda. Overview Information Terminalia is a tree. Arjuna Patram is known as Tella Maddi in Telugu, it clear septic conditions on wounds, joint pains and heart diseases. Recipe No.3: 2 fresh Saraswati leaves. Benefits: Blood purifies, becomes red, skin beauty increases, dead cells of blood will be removed. after entire ghee boils, separate pepper and store ghee. Three species of terminalia are used for medicine, especially as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Remove it from flame, filter it and add 40 gm sesame oil and once again boil till the oil remains,. Saved by Sumadhuri. Botanica Name: Terminalia arjuna (Roxb) W&A Family Name: combretaceae Gujarati Name: Sadado English Name: Arjun Tree, Arjunolic Myrobalan Hindi & Bengali Name: Arjun Telugu Name: Tella Maddi Marathi Name: Sadaru Tamil Name: Poomarudhu, Neermarudhu / Belma/Marudam patti / Marutu Marua Patra - मरुआ,Telugu- Maruvam. 18. 20. Arka Patram is called as … Leaf used: (Sanskrit)Arjuna patra (Telugu)Tella maddi.తెల్ల మద్ది - Botanical name : Terminalia arjuna (Family: Combritaceae) Medicinal Use: The decoction of bark is a … 21. Use ghee along with daily food. Arjuna Patra - अर्जुन वृक्ष, Telugu Tella maddi,Yerra maddi . 19. In olden days, temples and parks used to plant these trees in various geometrical combinations corresponding to circles, linear and elliptical lines, representing Sree Chakra and Sudarshana Chakra etc. Heat the ghee in a vessel and add exactly 100 number pepper. తెల్ల గలిజేరు ఉపయోగాలు || tella galijeru plant uses in telugu ||atikamamidi uses in telugu - YouTube. Jul 21, 2019 - ఈ గింజలు 2 మింగితే వీర్యకణాలు అమితంగా పెరుగుతాయి | TELLA GURIVINDHA Uses Telugu || Abrus Precatorius ప్రముఖ గిరిజన మూలికా వైద్యులు : T . The arjuna is one of the species whose leaves are fed on by the Antheraea paphia moth which produces the tassar silk (tussah), a wild silk of commercial importance These leaves were introduced into Ayurveda as a treatment for heart disease. Ayurveda says Acidity is known as amlapitta. In it there is excessive increase of 'Pitta dosha' which struggle to find its way out of the body either through oral (ie- burp) or rectal pathway (ie-fatting). 20. Devdar Patra - देवदार,Telugu- Devadaru 19.

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