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Ministry of Education announces Benadir Exam Dates

Mogadishu(SONNA)-The Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Studies of the Federal Republic of Somalia has announced the timeline for this year’s examinations. In a press statement the ministry has set the date for examination to be 11th July 2020.  Primary Students ( Grade 8) from Benadir region will have an opportunity to sit for their certificate exams.
The exams will be different this year as it will be conducted by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Education Department of Benadir Regional Administration. This decision has been reached after the Ministry of Education and the Benadir Education department reached a consensus on the regional examinations.
The Ministry in the same press statement announced that the timetable for the secondary School exams will soon be released.
The Government of Somalia has ordered the closure of all Educational institutions on 1st March due to the COVID- 19 outbreak. The corona virus was spreading fast at that moment and the Government took several measures to curb its spread. The Ministry of health believes measures such as closing schools helped flatten the curve of virus spread.
Ministry of Education urged the candidates to prepare adequately and it wished them well during the exam period

By Abdikani Abdullahi 

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