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National Army carries out large operation against Al-shabaab malatias in Lower Shabelle region

Muqdisho(SONNA) As SNA battalion out of Awdheegle was conducting a mission to repair irrigation Infrastructure that will prevent flooding in the village of Shaan today.

During their mission a large group of al-Shabab militants attempted three attacks against the SNA unit.

The attacks were poorly organized and were easily defeated by the SNA who skillfully organized an effective defense of their position.

Following the attacks the SNA battalion continued its mission and safely returned to base upon completion. No SNA soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack.

This attack on a unit conducting repairs for the betterment of the people of Shaan ( Shaan locates between Jannaale and Awdheegle district in Lower Shabelle ) highlights the stark differences between the Federal Government and al-Shabaab in their care for the people.

The successful defense and the victory by the SNA in liberating Jannaale also highlights the increasing skill of the SNA and their tactical superiority over alShabaab.


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