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Pictures: China marks the 70th anniversary of its foundation

Beijing (SONNA)-People’s Republic of China has on Tuesday marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China and displayed its strength of military, tangible developments made and other amazing shows at the celebration held at Tiananmen Square in central Beijing, SONNA reported.

President, Xi Jinping congratulated the Chinese people of all ethnic groups at home and abroad on the National Day while expressing heartfelt gratitude to the friends around the world for their support for the China’s support.

President Xi standing in a car, at the military parade/ SONNA

“This great event completely reversed China’s miserable fate born poverty and weakness and being bullied and humiliated over more than 100 years since the advent of modern times”, Xi said, adding that the Chinese nation has since then embarked on the path of realizing national rejuvenation according to China’s news Agency, Xinhua.

He said that the Chinese people made great achievements that amazed the world through efforts and struggle.

The amazing was the show of the intercontinental missiles, described as the country’s most advanced and powerful deterrent during the National Day Military Parade today.

“No force can eve undermine Chinese people and nation from marching forward”, Mr. Jinping said.
China has also achieved enormous success in reducing and eliminating poverty, there has been about 800 million people lifted out of poverty since the launch of economic reform and opening-up.

Xu Guangjian, Professor in economics at Remnin University of China told SONNA that the situation in China was totally different in 4 decades ago; noting the life was not as easy as it is now, telling this is an amazing achievement.

“Our Government is now looking to 2020 in terms of eliminating the remaining poverty in the country. That would be a historic achievement”, He said.

China is also the second largest economy in the world at moment and Chinese officials say that they’re ready to share their development experience with other countries and provide necessary assistance in time of need.

Former Chinese President,Moa Zedong declared to the world that People’s Republic of China was founded in October 1st, 1949

By Mohamed Osman Abdi ‘Black Cobra’
Beijing, China.

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